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Our Story

     Growing up in her native Venezuela, you would always find Ana helping her mom in the kitchen, watching cooking shows, or reading books for new ways to express her love of not only food but creating. While in college pursuing a degree in psychology, Ana realized that her real passion was becoming a pastry chef and made the shift to chase after her lifelong love of expressing her passion for cooking through the foods that make others happy. She earned her professional culinary degree at the Culinary Institute of Caracas, the most prestigious culinary institute in Venezuela, where she had excelled in her studies. While earning her degree, she started a successful catering business specializing in custom cake design, mini desserts, and chocolates that she ran for over five years before embarking along with her parents to pursue the American Dream, moving to North Carolina.


     As a family, they found a match for their love of chocolate. They decided to jump into this delicious adventure at the beginning of 2014 when they purchased Davidson Chocolate Co. from its founders, John & Sue Elliott. Since then, they have been on a quest to follow in the footsteps of the shop's history of quality, but also to raise the bar higher with Ana’s culinary background, her spirit of innovation, and her passion for creating high-quality handmade and fresh chocolate truffles and confections using unique flavor combinations and modern techniques.

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