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The Chocolate Covered Wine Bottle

The chocolate covered wine bottle.  “How does that work?” One of the most common questions people ask when they stop in Davidson Chocolate Co.

It’s pretty simple .  It starts with a love of wine and chocolate – both great on their own – even better together.    You pick out the bottle at your favorite wine shop or the Harris Teeter next door and bring it to one of Davidson Chocolate’s stores (Dilworth and Davidson).  From there, we wrap it in a layer of clear cello and cover it in your choice of dark or milk chocolate.  Next its decorated with white chocolate and wrapped in a final layer of cello before being finished with a ribbon.

When you go to enjoy, unwrap the outer layer of cello and pull the inner layer which shatters the chocolate shell from the bottle.  Uncork the wine, pour a glass, and enjoy with the chocolate.

Customers have loved them as hostess gifts, engagement celebrations, Tuesday night distractions … the list goes on.  We have also done some mini champagne bottles covered in chocolate as wedding favors or table decorations for the reception.  So if you were thinking, “chocolate or wine, chocolate or wine?”, the answer is easy: both. together.